80% of learning is informal

Talentreckoner through its platform provides opportunity for developing skills and competencies..

Job Guaranteed Accounts Training & Skill Certification

Benefit Of Our Training

Join Our Job Guaranteed Accounts Training & Skill Certification

Even MBA degree holder are struggling in getting job after wasting their lacs of money for the same.

There is huge gap between Degree holder skill and corporate skill requirement,

To bridge this gap Talentreckoner has started an interactive training solution which will be totally different from traditional training.

We will provide mentor based training and learning which will focus on overall skill development including personal and professional balance , even we will provide counselling to them and if required residential training .

Job Guaranteed Training

There will be two phase of exam, in first phase which will be after 6 month of periodical training, if candidate qualify that then he will get stipend equal to fee paid for 6 month again after 6 month final exam will be conducted, if one qualifies final exam with minimum eligible marks then he will get job within 3 month, if one does not get job then double of fee will be refunded.